I’m developing a course on How to Help Kids Learn Maths through Experience.

Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology has developed a very useful model of how the brain works while learning maths and we can apply this knowledge to support our kids to express their maximum potential with joy.


Mindvalley community is the best place to build together a path to help our kids to be great also in the “classic” subjects expressing themselves and enjoying  the process throughout.


If you want to learn FOR FREE:

  • How the human brain works while learning maths.
  • How to learn maths with joy and satisfaction
  • Why maths is so important also for self-esteem and how being good at maths can empower our vision of the future
  • Why emotions are so important in the learning process and how to communicate with our kids to support them
  • What  are the steps to let our kids explore math in their own way so that they can really master the subject
  • A full list of activities that you can do with them in an organized context or during a trip


Join us FOR FREE in this Beta Version where you will be able to build your perfect learning path and help us to create a perfectly paced course for future students.

How to Help Kids Learn Maths through Experience.


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